Omnet Mac Protocol Projects

 We support and guide CSE, ECE, and IT students to develop OMNET++ final year project with various concepts using Omnet++ MAC Protocol Projects.A discrete event network simulator, OMNET++ composed of hierarchical nested modules to communicate by messages. We offer Omnet++ project with various network simulation models. We develop Omnet++ simulation projects for B.E, M.E, research scholars. We ensure Omnet++ framework to develop an innovative projects for wireless body Area Network and Wireless sensor network.

MAC Protocol projects
MAC Protocol projects

Omnet++ Platform:

We run Omnet++ in following platform are:

  • Win32 platforms.
  • Linux.
  • UNIX.

Omnet++ Simulation Model:

We simulate Omnet++ in various frameworks which extract the concept from ACM papers are:

  • Mobility Framework – Ensures wireless and mobile simulation by Omnet+ + which supports node mobility and dynamic network connection.
  • IPV6 Suite – We use IPV6 suite for accurate simulation of protocols and network.
  • INET Framework – By INET framework we implement wired and wireless network protocols.

Wireless Media Access Protocols:

We simulate wireless media Access Protocols by Omnet++ framework. We implement MAC protocols such as synchronous and asynchronous available in Ad hoc network. We use synchronous protocols as sender initiated protocols which ensure the data transmission and network connection from sender or source node. We use asynchronous protocols as received initiated where data transmitted from destination node.

Castalia Wireless Network:

We develop Castalia to built new protocol and applications in wireless network. We use Castalia simulator evaluate various characteristics of applications and simulate network such as Body Area Network and wireless sensor Network. We design Castalia with modules and messages. Every module has one or more parameters to affected message.

OMNET++ Wireless Body Area Network:

We implement wireless body area network which incorporate with miniaturized, intelligent and low power sensor node around human body. Every sensor node collects data on physical stimuli process. Actuator node process based on data received from sensor or user interaction. We transfer user information by external gateway.

BAN Features:

We adopt the following features are:

  • Heterogeneous Nodes.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Combination of Wireless and Wired Network.
  • Simple Nodes.

Multicast Networking:

OMNET++ Multicast projects
OMNET++ Multicast projects

We ensure multicast network to provide data transmission for multiple nodes simultaneously. In Multicast Network every node required to register with group members. We applied multicast function in wireless network. We enhance multicast communication with video conference and video streaming applications. We supported multicast routing protocol for sensor network, mesh and Tree based multicast protocol developed with more than 90+ projects and verified by OMNET++ simulation tool. We also develop video streaming with live chart applications in OMNET++.