OMNET MULTICAST PROJECTS transmission method  one device communicates with several devices in a single transmission.A multicast address is a single IP data packet set that represents a network host group. Multicast addresses are available to process datagram’s or frames intended.

Different Ranges of multicast address:

Multicast address ranges from the to IPV4-reserved address for multicast

  • based address reserved
  • Used for all multicasting host groups
  • Used for all subnet routers
  • and Used by Open Shortest Path First, an interior gateway protocol for all network segment routing information.

Procedures involved in setting multicast network:

  • Routers in the network’s are multicast enabled
  • Configurations of multicast network is also support multicast enabled.
  • Select the address you’ll use for your multicast
Architecture of MULTICAST routing PROJECTS
Architecture of MULTICAST routing PROJECTS

Algorithm involved in multicast routing protocol:

  • Reverse path multicasting.
  • Flooding.
  • Core-based tree.
  • Spanning trees.
  • Truncated reverse path broadcasting.
  • Reverse path broadcasting etc.

Many different algorithm can be implemented for multicast routing protocol projects depending upon requirement of your projects.,

Sample Output video representing Omnet++ Multicasting Projects 

Sample Omnet++ code for Multicast routing Protocol