OMNET PROJECTS in network list is as follows,

  • Radio communication network.
  • Peer to peer network.
  • Cross layer network.

Radio communication network using Omnet++ Projects.

Radio communication is a system of telecommunication utilizing electromagnetic waves of a particular frequency range to transmit speech or other sound over long distances without wires.


Features of radio communication network:

  • Radio network capacity management.
  • Coverage.
  • Conversation privacy.
  • Network manageability.
  • Location services.
  • Spectral efficiency.
  • Long Distance coverage.

Applications of radio communication network:

  • For Early warning disaster relief operations.
  • Energy saving in green radio networks.
  • Marine service.
  • Used in aeronautical applications.
  • Security.

Research on radio communication network:

  • Communication planning and coordination.
  • Achieving reliability.
  • Reduce interference issues.
  • Monitoring firefighter welfare and location on-scene.
  • Terrain.