Omnet Simulator Projects

OMNET++ is a hierarchical nested module and creates communication by messages in channels. We developed more than 75 projects in OMNET++ simulation projects. We develop OMNET++ codes by C+ + language. We offer OMNET++ simulation projects for M.TECH students with fixed and mobile networks nodes. We guide and support students to develop OMNET simulation projects in an efficient way. No special components are required for network simulations. We use various model and framework in OMNET++ simulator projects using MIXIM, InetManet, INET, and Castalia.

OMNET++ simulator projects
OMNET++ simulator projects

Video streaming issues:

We handle various issues and evaluated by OMNET++ and they are given as follows:

Delay jitter:

Video streaming needs bounded end to end delay so packets can arrive at receiver in time to be decoded and displayed. When packet receives beyond delay it become useless.


Video streaming network become robust due to packet loss and compression technique ensure multiple description coding to deal with packet loss.


Sender, transmit packet faster than available network which cause network congestion. Congestion create packet lost which reduce video quality. We solve these issues by various papers taken from science direct.

Levels on WBAN:

We implement various levels on WBAN with OMNET++ in final year projects are given as:

Lowest level:

This level composed of various intelligent sensors or nodes. This level ensures communication with root node by reduced function devices.

Second level:

In this level, servers are enabled with internet connection and home computer. It use functional device to create communication nodes communicate with leaves as well as external network.

Final level:

In this level, it composed of remote server network which remote application with various data or information transferred.


To ensure network simulation output, we require separate network simulator and mobility simulator in vanet. These simulators are specially designed for vehicular network. Functions of vanet are given as:

  • Vehicle information connected to WAP.
  • Every vehicle is equipped with WI-FI/WI-MAX.
  • Every vehicle registers their identity to roadside unit.
  • Every vehicle has unique ID.
Characteristics of VANET projects
Characteristics of VANET projects

Software defined network simulation:

We provide SDN as a layered approach with standard open source interface. Vendors develop more accessibility software in an easier way. We required software defined network for customization, program flexibility and software application integration.

Open flow protocol:

We implement open flow protocol as X86 instruction set for network nodes. It ensure open interface to black box networking node. Open flow switch data path composed of flow table action associated with each flow entry. We determine control path for controller function with various programs and create flow entry to table.

Openflow ports in OMNET++ projects
Openflow ports in OMNET++ projects