Omnet++ Veins  is an open source framework utilized in running vehicular network simulations.It is based on two well-established simulators: OMNeT++, an event-based network simulator, and SUMO, a road traffic simulator.Main advantage of Omnet++ veins is that it can include LTE Framework model for cellular networking and can help to simulate multiple block simulation using single work station.

Features of VEINS:

  • It can simulate city block level simulations in real time on a single workstation.
  • Relies on trusted vehicular mobility model and implementation done by transportation and traffic science community
  • Supplies data sources for a wide range of metrics, including travel time and emissions
  • Can include models for cellular networking. Say for example LTE.
  • Allows for online re-configuration and re-routing of vehicles in reaction to network packets etc.

Architecture of veins:

Architecture of OMNET VEINS

Sample output video of OMNET++ Veins 

Sample code for Omnet++ Veins Projects.

This is the sample code of how to make a vehicle aware of slow traffic on a road called Second Street, potentially causing it to change its route to avoid this road.