OMNET Wireless Mesh sensor Networks Projects

Omnet++ Wireless Mesh sensor Networks simulation projects has details of wireless mesh network and also how to define WMN using omnet++.


  • WMNs – can be seen as an extension of multi-hop Ad-Hoc networks; each node can communicate directly or indirectly with one or more peer nodes.
  • Wireless mesh networks extend the connectivity area of mobile devices beyond the limited range of a single access point.

Characteristics of wireless mesh network:

  • Increases the coverage area and link robustness of existing Wi-Fi’s.
  • Do not require centralized access points to mediate the wireless connection
  • Numerous deployment already exist, to deliver wireless services for a large variety of applications in personal, local, campus and metropolitan areas
  • Mobile or fixed nodes

Types of nodes in WMN:

  • Mesh clients
  • Mesh routers

Research challenges on WNS:

  • Capacity and coverage
  • Routing
  • Resource management
  • Architectures and protocol layers
  • Scheduling, multi-channel and multi-radio
  • MIMO, directional and smart antennas systems
  • Qos capabilities etc

Architecture of WMNS: