LTE Omnet (Long Term Evolution) the successor to UMTS and HSPA. LTE Omnet simulation framework is now being deployed mainly due to high speed cellular service. LTE Advanced  method able to operate more efficiently with respect to the use of spectrum, and also to provide the much higher data rates that are being required.

Parameters considered in LTE Omnet Project

Architecture LTE OMNET

  • Access schemes like OFDMA or SC-FDMA.
  • Peak downlink speed.
  • Modulation types supported.
  • Latency.
  • Data type.
  • Spectral efficiency.
  • Duplex schemes.
  • Peak uplink speeds.
  • Channel bandwidth.
  • Mobility etc.

Main/important LTE technologies:

  • System architecture evolution.
  • Orthogonal frequency division multiplex.
  • Multiple input multiple output.

Download Sample LTE Omnet Code.