OMNET SIMULATION PROJECTS offer for B.Tech which covers network based projects with open source environment.It is a model based network simulate framework composed of various modules and communicate through message passing. We named active module in OMNET++ as simple module. OMNET++ ensure efficient result for network and simulation by flexible structure of OMNET ++, more students and also researchers are interested to do final year projects in OMNET++.

Benefits of OMNET++ Simulation Projects:

We attain following factors are:
  • OMNET++ simulator support MAC protocol also with other localized protocols.
  • OMNET++ ensure powerful graphical user interface. By GUI it ensures tracking and debugging also in easier way as compared to other simulator.
  • We test power consumption based problems also in OMNET++.
  • OMNET++ mobility framework support mobile node and also network application scenario. We mainly use mobility framework also for wireless sensor networks.
OMNET++ simulation project benefits
OMNET++ simulation project benefits

Network Description Language in OMNET++:

NED is topology description language certain OMNET++ simple syntax. This syntax ensure powerful outcome also for chain, mesh, tree, hypercube and ring structures. We use declared simple modules and also connects them into compound modules. By OMNET++ framework, we label compound module as network ensure self contained simulation modules.

P2P Live Streaming Issues and Analysis in OMNET++:

We proposed OMNET++ in more than 90+ projects to analyze various issues and also application on P2p live streaming various issues are listed below as:

Network Address Translation Gateway Problem:

P2P network node facing network address translation problem do not ensure direct connection as default and also other network node also not create network connection.


Dynamism referred as leave, join, fail continuously and concurrent process. By this problem network capacity changes and also called as network churn.

Media Distribution:

P2p network node should incentive to contribute and share resource in p2p network overlay referred as media distribution. We call opportunistic nodes also in p2p network as free recters which doesn’t contribute among media distribution.


We refer bottleneck as available uploaded bandwidth in p2p overlay network and make QOS limitations.

SDN Network Simulation:

To implement communication network which separate control and also data plane forwarding elements method called software define networking control plane ensure fast and easy network configuration it also enhance network management simplification and enable innovation techniques. We simulate SDN with OMNET++ based on Springer papers and provide logical centralized software based controllers.

Benefits of SDN over OMNET++:

  • We attain following benefits are:
  • Higher Efficiency and Lower Operating Expenses.
  • Provide Flexible Environment for Simulation.
  • Improved Security Performances.
  • Reduced Complexity for Simulation Scenario.
  • Ensure High Speed and Agility.
OMNET++ SDN Project Benefits
OMNET++ SDN Project Benefits