Omnet++ Paper

Omnet++ Paper
An IP-based triggering method for LTE MTC devices – Omnet++ Paper
Zero-Outage Cellular Downlink With Fixed-Rate D2D Underlay– Omnet++ Paper
An efficient resource naming for enabling constrained devices in SmartM2M architecture– Omnet++ Paper
LESS: Lightweight Establishment of Secure Session: A Cross-Layer Approach Using CoAP and DTLS-PSK Channel Encryption– Omnet++ Paper
Future Internet concepts for demand management– Omnet++ Paper
EasyConnect: A Management System for IoT Devices and Its Applications for Interactive Design and Art– Omnet++ Paper
Polarization angle diversity and new digital software radio architectur– Omnet++ Paper
QoI-Based Data Upload Control for Mobility-Aware Cloud Services– Omnet++ Paper
An Evolved GSM/EDGE Baseband ASIC Supporting Rx Diversity– Omnet++ Paper
Enabling Technologies for Green Internet of Things– Omnet++ Paper
A resource oriented architecture for Web-integrated SCADA applications– Omnet++ Paper
E-HAMC: Leveraging Fog computing for emergency alert service– Omnet++ Paper
Redundancy based WEP routing technology (IoT-WSN)– Omnet++ Paper
IoT service framework based on mega data center and micro data center in PMIPv6 environment for smart devices– Omnet++ Paper
M4M: A model for enabling social network based sharing in the Internet of Things– Omnet++ Paper
Client-Based Control of the Interdependence Between LTE MTC and Human Data Traffic in Vehicular Environments– Omnet++ Paper
Scalability of Machine to Machine systems and the Internet of Things on LTE mobile networks– Omnet++ Paper
A Storage Centric Approach to Scalable Sensor Networks– Omnet++ Paper
Distributed differential admission control algorithm for delay-tolerant machine-to-machine devices– Omnet++ Paper
Lightweight virtualized evolved packet core architecture for future mobile communication– Omnet++ Paper
Uplink scheduling for LTE 4G video surveillance system– Omnet++ Paper
Communication characteristic-aware signaling traffic optimization method for mobile networks– Omnet++ Paper
Statistical Dissemination Control in Large Machine-to-Machine Communication Networks– Omnet++ Paper
Modeling and characterization of transmission energy consumption in Machine-to-Machine networks– Omnet++ Paper
Hybrid cooperation for machine-to-machine data collection in hierarchical smart building networks– Omnet++ Paper
2015 IEEE Omnet++ Paper