Evalvid Omnet

Evalvid Omnet provides video-related information:

  1. Frame type, received/lost.
  2. Delay, and jitter.
  3. decoding errors.
  4. Inter and also intra-frame dependency.

Mobile MultiMedia Wireless Sensor Network OMNeT++ framework is ported Evalvid

  • This video-related information enables the creation of new assessment and optimization solutions also for fixed and mobile WMSN scenarios.
  • M3WSN framework enables the definition of energy consumption values also for retrieving each frame.
  • Integrates functionalities of:
  1. WiSE-Mnet: moving objects, and also object detection.
  2.  WVSN model: FoV, cover-set and also application criticality.

Measures the impact and benefits of novel video-aware algorithms and also protocols for fixed/ mobile WMSN.

Applications of WMSN:

  1. Video surveillance.
  2. Traffic avoidance.
  3. Smart cities.
  4. Environmental monitoring.