OMNET Wireless Body Area Network

OMNET Wireless Body Area Network is an object oriented discrete event modular network simulator framework. Also, We provide OMNET++ which support wired and wireless communication network model. We offer M.TECH projects in networking OMNET++ to design various new applications in network area for college projects. We analyze various model and application by OMNET++ and Castalia framework. We simulate various networks such as wireless sensor network, wireless body area network and streaming application from Elesvier papers. We use OMNET++ to provide infrastructure & tool to write simulation.

Castalia simulation:

We use Castalia simulator for wireless sensor network and body area network. We implement Castalia simulation platform for both research and developing applications. We use Castalia to test various distributed algorithm & protocol in realistic wireless channel. We evaluate various performances characteristics of specific application by Castalia framework.

Castalia features:

We adopt the features of Castalia are
  • Full support under various mobile nodes.
  • Advanced channel model & radio model.
  • Castalia model define path loss maps.
  • Network interference handled by received signal strength.

Wireless sensor network:

We implement wireless sensor network for academic projects composed of wireless sensor node a heterogeneous nodes spread over large field. We implement wireless sensor network which is the combination of wireless sensing & network data. It contains one or more sensors, processor, memory power supply, radio and actuator.

Types of wireless sensor network:

We implement the following types of wireless sensor network are:
  • Unstructured wireless sensor network.
  • Structured wireless sensor network.

Unstructured wireless sensors network a dense collection of nodes with Adhoc deployment and require high maintenance.

Structured wireless sensor network has scarely distributed nodes and formed by pre planned deployment.

Wireless body area network:

We provide wireless body area network for research scholars which ensure communication and optimized for low power device based operations. We connect every device with person in body area network.

WBAN communication:

WE propose WBAN communications into two types are:
  • Intra body communication.
  • Extra body communication.

Intra body communications refer as data transfer among within a body of particular person. Access network connection in body of corresponding person extra body communication

exchange data among body & network device. We ensure patient monitoring system take extra body network connection & permit monitoring of physiological parameters.

Application area of sensor and WBAN:

We implemented sensor & WBAN in following application area are:
  • Body area network applied in entertainment & sport oriented applications. Wireless sensor & BAN ensure comfortable living environment for human life.
  • Applied in military network for security purpose & provides break less communication among individuals & people.
  • Health care application of wireless sensor network aid to provide solution for asthma, cancer, glucose level monitoring, heart problems & stress monitoring. We use smart biosensor for continuous monitoring of patients.