OMNET WIRELESS COMMUNICATION PROJECTS is also the process of transmitting data by electrical wave from one node to another. We also do not need any physical cable (or) wire to ensure wireless communication from one computer to another. Also, We offer OMNET++ final year projects in Wireless ensure communication based applications through wireless channels. We provide Omnet++ a discrete event simulator also with hierarchical modules for communication. Also, We provide modules in OMNET++ to communicate with various channels. We support and develop IEEE based projects in wireless and also simulated by Omnet++ simulation tool.

Types of Wireless Network:

We implemented wireless network with various categories in more than 80+ projects are:
  • Mobile Device Network.
  • Wireless LAN.
  • Wireless-MAN.
  • Wireless Mesh Network.
  • Wireless-PAN.
  • Wireless WAN.
Types of wireless network communication projects
Types of wireless network communication projects

Mobile Device Network:

We use this network, it rapidly increased by cellular telephones and also smart phones for telephone conversion. Also, We use mobile device communication composed of global system communication, digital advanced mobile phones and personal communication service.

Wireless LAN:

Most B.Tech proposed their projects with wireless LAN.  We also implement wireless local area network to create links among two (or) more network devices with short distance. Also, We use wireless distribution method to ensure connection among access point for internet access. Productivity is enhanced by reducing network operating time. Wi-Fi is a best technology also that operates under WLAN method.

Wireless MAN:

To connect various wireless local area networks we also use Wireless Metropolitan Area Network. By using WMAN we create wireless local loop that reach effective data transfer with speed of 1 to 10 Mbps. WiMAX is also a category of WMAN.

Wireless Mesh Network:

We also use wireless Mesh network to organize a mesh topology. Every node in WMN is forward message to other nodes when it has also low power. Mesh network can self heal and automatically reroute a node. E.g. of wireless mesh network is Military network.

Wireless PAN:

To interconnect device within small area we also implement wireless personal area network. It is also used to link PDA and computer without any hardwire. E.g. of WPAN is Bluetooth which is suited also to use in small devices.

Wireless WAN:

To cover large area among towns and also cities we use wireless wide Area network. We connect all mobile phones by wireless wide area Network.

Wireless communication projects
Wireless communication projects

Main Technology in Wireless:

We adopt these technologies in wireless for academic projects are:

  • GSM (Global System also for Mobile Communication).
  • GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).
  • UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System).
  • 5G Related Projects.


GSM is a digital mobile telephone system used in Europe and other countries. We also mainly use GSM for data transmission which permits only short message service (SMS).


We use this service to ensure continuous connection also to internet for mobile phones and also computer users. It is a packet based wireless communication model.


We use this service which is a broadband packet base communication system ensure set of service also to mobile computer and phones. From anywhere in the world we can access UMTS mobile network.