OMNET NETWORK PROJECTS is important technologies to connect various computers ensure data transmission by medium channels. We offer PhD in Networking projects OMNET++ to develop various network based projects on OMNET++ simulation tool. Also, We support and guide researchers to implement innovative network application with OMNET++ simulation tool. We provide OMNET++ Network Projects to create and simulate  in various network with various applications. Also, We implement research projects in wired and wireless network under simulation. We use Opnet tool, Omnet++ network simulator  to design SDN, Openflow network and NFV.

Networking projects
Networking projects

Network Advantage:

We implement following factors are

  • Connectivity and communications.
  • Enhance performance and balancing.
  • Sharing of hardware data.
  • Data security and management.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Internet access and sharing.
  • Entertainment application and development.
Network projects advantages
Network projects advantages

OpenFlow Network:

We use Openflow network to provide open interface to black box network router and switches. We use this network to separate control and data plane operators. By this network we developed more than 75 projects with various network communications to ensure transmission. We determine data path of OpenFlow switch composed of flow table and associated action with each flow entry. Also, We provide control path with controller for platform flow entry in flow table.

OpenFlow Controller:

We implement Openflow controller to manage switch over open flow channels. Also, We use OpenFlow protocol to ensure communication with open Flow aware Switch. We use Open Switch as control plane to switch network. Also, We managed single switch by more than one controller for load balancing. To process load balancing issue, controller act as:

  • Equal.
  • Slave.
  • Master.

SDN Network:

We also implement software defined network to ensure a centralized network control by separating control logic to off device. Also, We provide open programmatic interface for SDN.

SDN Benefits:

We attain the following benefits by implementing SDN based on Elsevier Papers are:

  • Scalable for various applications and services.
  • Innovative approach creates and also delivers various applications with services for various models.
  • Optimized for services infrastructure and applications.

NFV: (Network Function Virtualization)

We implement network functions virtualization to virtualize network class node function into building which connected or chained together to make communication services. Also, We enhance NFV by virtualization, scaling automation, Orchestration and hardware independence.

NFV Components:

We implement following components in NFV for academic projects are:
  • VNF Forwarding Graph – We also ensure service chain when providing network connection order.
  • Virtualized Network Function – We also implement software NF deployed into virtualized infrastructure.
  • NFV Infrastructure – we require hardware / software to deploy execute and also manage VNF.
  • Network Function – Functional building block also with a well defined functional behavior.
  • VNF Set – We used VNF Set to ensure connection among VNF.