OMNET CODE WSN is a discrete event simulator program model to analyze network behavior by computing interaction among individual entities. We offer B.TECH projects in OMNET++ to develop network projects in simulation aspect. Also, We ensure OMNET++ an object oriented modular discrete event network simulation environment permit to model wired and wireless network simulation. We use OMNET++ to model multiprocessor and other distributed hardware systems. Also, We evaluate complex system performance under OMNET++ from ACM papers.Open flow protocol simulation in OMNET++: We implement open flow protocol in south bound interface of SDN to separate data plane & control plane for student projects.

OMNET++ Openflow projects

We provide the concepts in open flow architecture are:

  • Control plane composed of one or more open flow controllers.
  • Network built by open flow complaint switches which compose data plane.
  • Use secure control channel to connect switch with control plane.
  • Open flow is a forward device which forward packet based on flow table holds match fields, flow
    table entries & instructions.

Wireless Networking:

We ensure wireless network with no cables. Also, We implement & control wireless telecommunication network by transmission system called radio waves. We deploy wireless network at physical level of network structure.Wireless wide area network: We provide wireless wide area network as infrastructure based networks. Also We create connection over large geographical areas across cities. We use multiple antenna sites or satellite system in wireless WAN to maintain by wireless access providers. Wireless metropolitan area network:We implement wireless metropolitan area network as first wireless and infrastructure based networks. We enable user to enhance broadband wireless connection over multiple location. In wireless MAC, we use radio waves and infrared light for data transmission.

Wireless local area network:

We enable user in wireless local area network to create wireless connection within local area of 100m range. Also, We ensure flexible data communication systems & used in temporary office.

Wireless personal area network:

We implemented more than 90+ projects in wireless PANS which enable user to establish wireless communication, Adhoc among personal wireless devices such as PDA, laptop or cell phone used within personal operating space. Also, We provide the key for PAN topologies are:


A cable replacement technology use radio wave to transmit data to distance up to 9-10m.


Connect device within 1m range.


We developed MIXIM stands as mixed simulator framework for wireless & mobile network using OMNET++ simulation for academic projects. Also, We create MIXIM model framework for fixed & wireless network. It ensure detailed model for interference estimation, radio wave propagation & radio transceiver power consumption. We provide network model & protocols under MIXIM framework.

Protocol Design Procedure of WSN
Protocol Design Procedure of WSN