Omnet++ AODV   allows mobile nodes to obtain routes quickly for new destinations,  and does not require nodes to maintain routes to destinations that are not in active communication. Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) algorithm enables dynamic, self-starting, multihop routing between participating mobile nodes wishing to establish and maintain an ad hoc network.

Message types in AODV:

  • Route request
  • Route reply
  • Route error

These are all the three different message types used by the AODV routing protocol during path selection procedure.

Architecture of AODV (routing table):
Architecture of AODV (routing table):

AODV routing table entries are:

  • Destination sequence number.
  • Lifetime.
  • Next hop.
  • Valid destination sequence number flag.
  • List of precursors.
  • Destination IP address.
  • Network interface.
  • Other state and routing flags.
  • Hop count.

Sample Output of Omnet++ AODV Routing Protocol.


Sample AODV Protocol using Omnet++ Code.