Omnet INET framework  is an open-source communication networks simulation package, written for the OMNEST/OMNeT++  project simulation system.Omnet++ INET framework contains models for several Internet protocols: beyond TCP and IP.Some Omnet INET framework protocol used in projects are UDP, Ethernet, PPP and MPLS with LDP and RSVP-TE signaling.

what is the need for Oment INET framework?

Omnet INET framework is especially useful when designing and validating new protocols, or exploring new or exotic scenario.

Layers present in INET framework:

  • Transport protocols.
  • Mobility, this means motion patterns of mobile objects.
  • Network Interfaces for example Ethernet.
  • Protocol specific applications.
  • Network protocols.
  • Nodes in the network this means router, standardHost.

Sample Output of a Program using Omnet INET Framework.