OMNET SOCIAL SENSOR PROJECTS aims to integrate sensor’s and also social networks. It also allows the actors in the social network also to both publish their data and subscribe also to each other’s data either directly or indirectly. Omnet++ Social sensor network involves above process after  discovery of useful information also from such data.

Architecture of social sensor network:
Architecture of social sensor network:

Applications of social sensor network using Omnet++:

  • Healthcare environments.
  • Emergency applications.
  • Multimedia application also in retrievals.
  • SSN integrate also with IoT.
  • Medical applications..

Research areas on social sensor network:

  • Study also on traffic management system.
  • Monitoring also in applications.
  • Security.
  • Also IoT.

Sample Output Video of Omnet++ Social Sensor Network

Download code for Omnet++ social Sensor Network Project source code.