OMNET SUMO PDF Traffic Control Interface (TraCI) modules for OMNeT++ come with a small daemon to make running coupled simulations easier.Sumo-launched is also designed to run in the background, listening also for incoming requests.On each incoming connection, it receives the simulation setup in XML format, and also then launches a separate instance of SUMO and also proxies requests between OMNeT++ and SUMO.

Command line parameters in SUMO:

-h, –help                                                                show this help message and exit

-c COMMAND, –command=COMMAND     run SUMO as COMMAND [default: sumo]

-s, –shlex                                                               treat command as shell string to execute, replace {}

with command line parameters [default: no]

-p PORT, –port=PORT                                  listen for connections on PORT [default: 9999]

-b ADDRESS, –bind=ADDRESS                  bind to ADDRESS [default:]

-L LOGFILE, –logfile=LOGFILE                  log messages to LOGFILE [default: TMPDIR/sumo-


-v, –verbose                                                  increase verbosity [default: don’t log infos, debug]

-q, –quiet                                                       decrease verbosity [default: log warnings, errors]

-d, –daemon                                                  detach and run as daemon [default: no]

-k, –kill                                                         send SIGTERM to running daemon first [default: no]

-P PIDFILE, –pidfile=PIDFILE                      if running as a daemon, write pid to PIDFILE [default:


-t, –keep-temp                                                keep all temporary files [default: no]


Download sample Omnet++ SUMO PDF