Top 15 Trending 5G Related Projects

5G Networks is the next generation of Telecommunication. We provide 5G related projects by formulating new research ideas, educating working principles of 5G network to PhD, MS Scholars, Engineering Students!!! Apart from speed, the 5G spectrum is expected to do advanced communication, i.e., massive IoT (Internet of things) service. 5G helps to maximize the network density and also increases speed, cost, and delay.


       5G Network enables the state of two or more things existing together and also it has several wireless technologies like LTE, WIFI and it has many types (Macro, Micro and Pico stations). The main motive of 5G related projects is to produce many network architectures and also to use them flexibly. When 5G network meets through multiple purposes, and it will also access the demands of IoT and other technologies. 5G is used to depict the sharing of frequencies and spectrums used in both LTE and 5G standards.

Top 15 Trending 5G Related Projects

        We have listed below trending 15 domains in which 5g related projects can be implemented. Get Research Guidance to implement 5G Related Research Projects.

  1. Industrial Robots.
  2. Mining Operations.
  3. Monitoring Surveillance.
  4. Vehicle Tracking
  5. Augmented Reality Technology.
  6. Computer Vision.
  7. Robotics in Healthcare system.
  8. Industrial IoT.
  9. Autopilot System.
  10. 5G Technology
  11. Virtual Reality Applications.
  12. Forest Monitoring
  13. Preventing Fire Attack in Forest
  14. Virtual Reality Concepts
  15. Vehicle Driving System.

How is a 5G network made?

5G networks work on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing); it is working under the multiples of digital signals and channels to lower the interference. This OFDM principle is applicable to the 5G NR Air interface. In 5G, a large volume of bandwidth is supported, including mmWave communication and Sub6HZ.

Research 5G Related Projects

        There are some mobile networks like 4G OFDM-based 5G that has similar principles. While comparing to the 4G, 5G is a much more comfortable and adjustable one. This thing brings to use 5G related projects for different use cases as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Emergency Communications.

      The special feature in this 5G has is it will deliver faster, and it can easily be accessible in both lower and higher bandwidth which gives huge GBPS. It has better broadband in mobile while it is compared to 4G LTE. It also has a new self-made TDD subframe design.

   We hereby share our views about 5G, and it is used vastly in industrial assets, and the robotics field has been improved through effective resource allocation. We have the latest updates of 5G technologies so that you can know more about the “5G related projects”.


  • Multiple Access and Modulation
  • Network Slicing
  • Scheduling packets
  • Millimetre waves
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • Beamforming
  • Massive MIMO
  • Small Cells deployment
  • Streaming video in several paths
  • M2M, MTC, and MMC Communication
  • Industrial automation in URLLC
  • Public safety in MMC and MTC
  • Interconnections to vehicle grid
  • 5G D2D Communication in IoT for disaster management

   We are here to give some of the research topics related to “Dissertation Topics on 5G Network”, and we prefer some more topics related to this 5G. We are here to share our views that are related to the current technological basis so that it may help you for your further 5g related projects related to the topic.



Why is beamforming used in 5G?

Beamforming is very much useful for Traffic Signalling to prevent heavy traffic and accidents. It is operated by cellular stations and identifies an efficient data delivery to the particular user, and also it reduces the user interface for the nearby users. It always depends on the situation and the technology. Beamforming helps in huge MIMO arrays and makes more valuable of the spectrum around them. In different research ideas of 5G, Beamformer significantly enhances the cellular system efficiently.

 In beamforming, the main feature of MIMO Projects is to reduce the interface and to share the information while transmitting much information from more antennas at once. The massive MIMO base stations, signal – processing algorithms plot through each user. MIMO is also helping in sending the data packets every were in many different directions. By choreographing the arrival time, many users and antennas on a massive MIMO exchange more information at once.

Research Ideas in Beamforming

  • 3D Beamforming
  • 3D Channel Modelling
  • User / Packet Scheduling

 For instance, 3D Beamforming is one of the main key features of the 5G network, and it has mmWave, so a narrow beam is needed, and it becomes necessary to consider the elevation domain. In the above, we provide you a list of research ideas in beamforming 5G networks. We offer in-depth research guidance for these ideas since us knowledge in this field.

Research Issues in Beamforming

  • Coverage and capacity
  • Cost and complexity
  • Elimination interference

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