Best IoT Simulator

        Through this article, the research scholars can get to know about the IoT simulator along with its specifications.

List of IoT Simulators

         As first, our technical experts have highlighted the notable list of IoT simulators that is used in IoT simulation in the following.

  • Matlab
  • ThingSpeak is denoted as IoT analytics service which permits the user to aggregate, analyze and visualize the live data streams in the cloud in Matlab
  • Cooja
  • In general, Cooja is the network simulator which is deployed to emulate the process of hardware platforms with the large number of motes
  • Cooja is to simulate the wireless sensor networks
  • Ns3
  • NB-IOT is used for IoT simulation in Ns3 and the NB-IOT infrastructure is completely compatible with LTE and it is the new radio interface with the part of fifth generation mobile connection system (5G)

          While comparing with above mentioned IoT simulators, Cooja is denoted as the best IoT simulator for both real time hardware platform and virtual simulation network IoT simulation.

Download and Install Cooja

          Here, we have highlighted the notable steps that are required to download and install Cooja. First of all, we have to download the Contiki from the following URL.


In addition to that, we have to implement the below mentioned commands in the Ubuntu terminal.

cd contiki/tools/cooja

ant run

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