How can I write proposal?

I can write the research proposal in a document by outlining all the information that is required to undertake the research work. Our project proposal should summarize all the needed details to initiate the research.

The pitch of our project is given as the initiative in the research proposal. We should give an idea about what we are going to do in conducting our research work. We should mention the topic of our research in the research proposal.

After mentioning the research topic we should write about the references that we made for the choosing of appropriate research that we conduct in our research work based on the recent technology through the reference of various standard research journals.

We should write about the overall information on how we collect the reference for each process of the research work in our research proposal.

By writing a proper research proposal we can go with our flow to conduct the research on our chosen topic. Likewise, I write my research proposal and for each time when we are supposed to write the research proposal we can remember and follow this method of writing.


Our research proposal’s introduction is to gain the interest of our reader who reads our proposal and should create spark among the readers of our research proposal.

We should provide an overview of the topic to make it clear with the information that we had gathered to proceed with the research work.

Our research proposal introduction should convey the following:

  • It should show the problem that we are going to work on.
  • It should show the solution for the problem.
  • The plans to solve the problems will be mentioned
  • We should portray the impact that our project is going to make in the field of our research work.
  • Ensure to convey only the general informations in the introduction part.

We have to just like that mention the ideas of our research topics and later we should elaborately explain them in the proposal.

Research proposal references:

We have to go through the background research of the research with the existing research work in the corresponding field of the research work.

We should analyse from the existing research and gather the key references for our research work and from the key references we should be able to take the core references.

When we cite the references in our research proposal, we should follow the required citation from the IEEE, MDPI, Sci, Scie, Sage, Springer, etc., and ensure that the sources we use to refer are credible and reputable.

Additionally, we have to make sure to critically analyse and evaluate that each source is in relevance with our research topic so as to strengthen the findings of information that we gathered from the reputable sites.

All the references should be mentioned in our research proposal and the mentioned references should be able to convince the readers of our research proposal and make them feel that our research proposal is worthwhile reading.

Presenting a solution:

For presenting the solution for our research proposal we can analyse our self with some questions like:

  • What problem our research addresses?
  • What are the already known details of this problem?
  • Who has addressed this problem before or what kind of research is this?
  • Why is the past research insufficient at addressing this problem that we identified?

We can present our problem solution by highlighting the unsaid data’s of the previously existing research works.

The solution that we are going to write in our research proposal should directly relate with the field of our research work.

The solution that we are going to propose should be an exclusive one without following the previous works.

Project goals:

Project proposal is been written at the early stage before starting to conduct the research work. It is difficult to specify the project deliverables at this very early stage.

The readers of our research proposal wanted to know what will be the outcome of our research. So we have to just give an overview about the following:

  • We must explain about the end product or the outcome with several factors.
  • We have to mention the availability of final outcome at specific stage.
  • We have to show our vision in providing the end deliverable with some assumptions.

The above discussed things should make our readers to be able to visualise the final result of our research work.

We can mention about the originality of our research work that we have proposed in our research proposal.

We have to bring out the significance of our research work and explain the challenges that we can expect through various factors.

Listing needed references:

As we have discussed about the problem statement and problem solution in our previous sections we can now write the details of the reference that is more important to accomplish our research work.

We have to mention all the necessary references that we take up to work on our research to accomplish the assumed solution.

We should describe all those references with the specific information that is going to take major part in the development of our research.

The main references of the research work also help our readers to make use of the mentioned research papers to include them for their future research works.

We mention the reference citation in our research proposal to show the proof reading among the readers and so our proposed work will have a distinct place without plagiarism.

The future researchers of this corresponding research field will receive all the important data and important reference from our research proposal itself, only if we give an excellent research proposal.

Stating conclusion:

Finally, we have to finish writing our research proposal by showing more focus in accomplishing our outcomes for the research work.

We should stress the feasibility and the originality of our proposed research. We should discuss on how our research plan will be practical and viable.

We have to convey the innovative aspects or the novel approaches that sets our research apart from our existing researches.