How do I Open OMNET ++ in Ubuntu

          This article is completely articulated with process that are essential to open the OMNeT++ in Ubuntu and this will be the great support for those who are intriguingly looking for research establishments.

Configuration and Installation of OMNeT++

         The top level of OMNeT++ directory is changed in the terminal and we have to type and implement the commands highlighted below to configure OMNeT++.


         In addition, we have to execute the highlighted commands in the following to install OMNeT++.


Open OMNeT++ 5.2 in Ubuntu

       Then, we have to open the OMNeT++ in Ubuntu through changing the OMNeT++ location in terminal over the implementation of the following commands.


Opened OMNeT ++ 5.2 in Ubuntu

       To conclude, we hope that we have provided the suitable processes that are used to open the OMNET++ in Ubuntu and you guys can reach us if you have any queries.