How to make review article?

How to make review article?

Review article also involves professional writing. It requires arguments that should be framed in a good organized way, which need in depth understanding of topic. You should do constructive and critical analysis of literature through analysis, summary, comparisons and classification.

You should succinctly present the knowledge about your understanding of the topic in your paper. Make use of database searches when writing scientific review to establish your research work.

Writing Involves

  • Analysis, comparison, classification, summarization and critiques to present your paper in a better way.
  • To do evaluation it requires, ideas, theories and researches which are related to your topic to make it unique.
  • If your writing provides support to work of other writers but does not involve any new and unique information, it is not worth.
  • To review better article, analyse some other examples also and start writing paper after it.

Type of Review

      Reviewing an article does not involve a single approach to complete the assignment, there may be many. You can learn about the different types of review through this section of the blog. Every type will have their unique purpose and perspective towards reviewing the article. Whenever you are going through scholarly article, doing evaluation of product or finding mistakes from literatures at that time you can know more about article review and also you will learn about how to lead a review from it.

  • Journal article review – this way of review finds out about the advantages and disadvantages from already published journals.

Example: If you take a review paper on the topic of climatic change, the author will be in and around the environmental science content to interpret and analyse the importance of article.

  • Research article review – This way of review is different from other article reviews on the basis of its focus towards the methodology. This reviews about the techniques used for study and access them based on the subsequent critique and analysis.

Example: If you take a review paper on the topic of new drug effects, the author would be talking about methods chosen to collect data and reliability of them.

  • Science article review – Science article has wide range of topics. In this review system it does analysis of the background information because, scientific publications usually provide more background information.

Example: If you take a review paper on the topic of recent discoveries in genetics, the author review about the provided background knowledge to do more deeper evaluation.

Come up with a title

            Choose a topic of your own which should be more creative and interesting. Your title should reflect your research. Choose a title that is declarative. Your title should either be descriptive or interrogative.

Cite the Article

Do citation for complete article by choosing a proper style to format it. Here is an example of citation for MLA style which should be followed:

  • Duvall, John N. “The (Super) Marketplace of Images: Television as Unmediated Mediation in DeLillo’s White Noise.” Arizona Quarterly3 (1994): 127-53.

Identify about the Article

      When you start to reviewing a paper, start with the title and author of the article then move on to the year of publication. That information will be present on the starting paragraph itself.

  • For instance: “Condom use will increase the spread of AIDS, is the article which was written by a Catholic priest, Anthony Zimmerman”.

Write about the introduction

            This part that is introduction will define about the main theme of the topic and also about the claim and argument of author. There could be a circumstance while reviewing the article that you should define the thesis of author. This may happen when the thesis has many points or thesis does not stated clearly.

  • Start your review of the article with introduction which should contain idea about your thesis and the article you chose for review.
  • Mention about the key points as summary, about which you addressed problem.
  • Underline the facts and advantages in publication when writing review.
  • Analyse about the gaps, disparities and contradictions and the questions which are left unanswered in the article.
  • The thesis you write should be addressing the issue of article, which is very important.

For instance: “Although the author has some good points, his article is biased and contains some misinterpretation of data from others’ analysis of the effectiveness of the condom”

Summarize the Article

            In summary part you should add details such as key points, results and arguments and also include its conclusion. Write about how the article supports its topic. The length of your article depends based on the guidelines provided by your publisher or instructor.

  • Be careful while using direct quotes of the author.
  • Review your summary of article to check sentence formatting and other errors to match the details of original article.

Write your Critique

            Analyse the article completely and write about your opinion, about the author, how good the author given a solution for the problem. Write about your judgement regarding the article, whether it was useful and thorough explanation was clear about the subject and also check whether the argument supports their statement. Access the arguments and key points, present in the article. If you are agreeing with the author then you should provide your argument to support or disprove it. Finally suggest the group of audience who find it beneficial.

  • To support your argument, gather proof from any text or article.
  • To make your analysis better, the summary section will help you. In which you should clearly define author’s argument.
  • You should write about the relevance and importance of article and not about your likings of article.
  • For every opinion you write, use arguments and topic sentence to support it.

For instance: If you are taking about a particular opinion, use a sentence to support it and the follow it by many elaborated sentence to define its importance.

Conclude the Article Review

            Conclude your review by summarizing the key concepts of your topic. Write about future scopes of research related to the field. Also write about your opinion on its accuracy, clarity and significance.

  • Conclusion section should not be more than ten per cent of your whole essay.
  • For instance: “Condom use will increase the spread of AIDS, by the author Anthony Zimmerman”.

This statement will reduce the author’s credibility and weaken his points because this argument have prejudice, bias, misinformation and no any supportive details for his opinion.


            Check your article review by re-reading it, and find errors regarding punctuation, mechanics and grammar mistakes. Use any spelling checker for second opinion. Make sure to cut down unnecessary extra information that will help you to make your content strong. At last don’t forget to check whether you have discussed about all the main problems from the article.