Is a Smartphone Considered an IoT Device

        Of course, smartphone is the IoT device and the research people can check out this article to get to know about the most required functions mainly based on the consideration of smartphone as an IoT device.

Short Note on Smartphone as an IoT Device

       The smartphone is an IoT device and as per the capability smartphones are equivalent to regular computing devices. On the other hand, the smartphone enabling technologies such as built in sensors, Bluetooth, radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking and near field communications (NFC) to permit the integral part of IoT.

        In addition, it acts as IoT users which are capable to acquire the values from the cloud where the values are sensed and stored over IoT devices.

List of Some Smart IoT Sensors/Devices

        Here, we have highlighted the most modern smartphones which can directly capture and compile data from different sensors.

  • Barometer
  • It is deployed to inform about short term weather changes
  • Biometrics
  • It is used for tracking and monitoring fingerprint, retina, face and voice have biometrics sensors
  • Camera
  • It is used for image, video capture and display the captured image and video

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