MATLAB PROJECTS proffer you broad set of original and new ideas intended for your fact finding. We effort on intended for scholars pleasure and gratification; which is the motive why scholar desire us as their vital resolution. Promote your report beside with us and attain your appropriate achievement on your designated instance.


  • Modal identification and damage detection in beam-like structures also using the power spectrum and time–frequency analysis
  • Digital image steganography: Survey and also analysis of current methods   (MATLAB-PROJECTS)
  • Robust indoor speaker recognition also in a network of audio and video sensors
  • Wavelets also for fault diagnosis of rotary machines
  • Extraction of instantaneous frequencies from ridges also in time–frequency representations of signals
  • A novel image encryption scheme based on substitution-permutation network and also chaos
  • A new RGB image encryption algorithm based on DNA encoding and also elliptic curve Diffie–Hellman cryptography
  • State estimation based on fractional order sliding mode observer method also for a class of uncertain fractional-order nonlinear systems
  • An improved edge-based level set method combining local regional fitting information also for noisy image segmentation
  • Image contrast enhancement using entropy scaling also in wavelet domain
  • Data stream clustering based on Fuzzy C-Mean algorithm and also entropy theory
  • Chaotic image encryption using pseudo-random masks and also pixel mapping
  • Gaussian filtering and variational approximations for Bayesian smoothing also in continuous-discrete stochastic dynamic systems   (MATLAB-PROJECTS)
  • DOA estimation exploiting a uniform linear array also with multiple co-prime frequencies
  • A scene change detection framework also for multi-temporal very high resolution remote sensing images