Network security is the ultimate methodology by which the security of any network is ensured. The quality of network security is derived from the data it produces or information withdrawn from it. Network Security Dissertation Topics is the best online research assistance from where you can gain complete knowledge on network security. 

Malfunctioning of a network, privacy checks, and safety issues play a key role in identifying the faults in the network security system. Following is a complete outline of network security. Now let us start with major terms in network security.


Knowing the terms used in a network security system forms the basis of understanding the system. Here are some commonly used major network security terminologies.

  • By interception network system understands the data packets.
  • Fabrication sends a different message with the existing sender details.
  • Modification is the process of changing the information.
  • Interruption is the discrepancies occurring in the data transmission. 

One has to remember that there are a lot of other terminologies in network security systems that may be difficult to comprehend without guidance. We have well-experienced subject experts to clarify your doubts and make you understand the concepts easier. Also, our engineers promise to solve all the issues that you face during your research in network security. Apart from the advancements that are present today, there are also many issues in network security systems that are waiting to be resolved. Following are some of the network security issues.


  • Problems with scaling
  • Increased detection and reduced prevention
  • Less accuracy in detecting threats
  • Enforcing the static policies related to data security
  • Challenges in performance
  • No proper scope of coverage in case of security threats.

You can take any one of these issues as the starting point of your research work. Only then can you give solutions to the existing problems through your research.  We will support you in strengthening your knowledge base to conduct research in your domain, and we also help in all aspects of your research, including Network Security Dissertation Topics. Following is the list of top research ideas in network security for your reference.

Top 10 Trending Network Security Dissertation Topics for PhD and MS Scholars


At first hand, we make you aware of the trending Network Security Dissertation Topics, which can benefit in choosing the best one for you or to come up with your own innovative ideas. Developing techniques for data collection without breaching the security norms is the need of the hour. Following are the importance of data collection in the network security system. 

  • Security in provisioning of resources
  • Handover authentication
  • Channelizing MIMO securely
  • Forensics in a network system
  • Management of network
  • Protected coordination and orchestration
  • Security in the slicing of RAN
  • Detection of malware
  • Accounting network traffic
  • Intrusion Detection in networks

Now we encourage you to come up with novel ideas to enhance data collection. Even if you choose a different field to explore, you are always welcome. Feel free to contact us to get any kind of research assistance. Our 24/7 functioning customer support facility is ready to help you in crafting Network Security Dissertation Topics at any time. Below is a brief on one important topic of research that is network security techniques. The security technique that we devised comes with 802.1x Authentication. It has control lists for accessing routers and rules for firewalls. When devices of the network fail to qualify the security checks, these devices are kept apart, and essential changes are made to them. This technique comes with the following factors for Authentication


  • Multi / Dual Factors based Authentication
  • Features of the channel and location details
  • OTP, Password and PIN
  • Secret token, smart card and USB stick
  • Primary hard ware such as PUFs
  • Biometrics based Authentication

This technique also employs the following Authentication based on biometric details

  • Imaging based on thermal analysis
  • Iris and ocular
  • Fingerprint and face detection
  • Photoplethysmography
  • Finger vein and voice detection

All these aspects play a key role in designing a network security system. You can find a quality content, well experienced technical team, massive resources and 15 years of expertise in network security projects using omnet++ system with us. We are one of the most trusted and reliable online research guidance in the world. Below is a note on one of the research topics in network security.


Intrusions in the working of the network security system are called malicious activities. The network security system has few important aspects like devices used for detection of intrusions and IDS module for determining the state of functioning of the network.  IDS module works on following different architecture based on the different needs of data collection where data means network characteristics like packets, contents, connections, and behavior of the network

Types of IDS

  • Centralised architecture places the IDS in specific locations based on the host.
  • Distributed architecture places the IDS modules at dedicated location
  • Hierarchical architecture gives differential preference to different nodes
  • Hybrid architecture is the collection of different detection mechanism and architecture

Research on network security can fetch you a great scope for the future development of your research career. Your journey will become more enjoyable when you find the best support and guidance. We are here to make your entire research career easy starting from choosing innovative Network Security Dissertation Topics . With about 40 subject experts in different fields, we are highly recognized research guidance among students and scholars. To connect with us to get your queries resolved.