Network Simulator 2 Download

        Let’s get to know about the processes that are involved in downloading the network simulator 2 along with the guidance of our technical experts.

Phase: I Download Network Simulator 2

         As the initial process, we have to download the network simulator 2 packages through the URL that is mentioned below.

Link to Download Network Simulator 2

          While completing the process of downloading, we have to install the network simulator 2.31 packages just through extracting the downloaded package and execute the following command.

Phase: II TCL Code in Ns2

         For your instance, our technical experts have highlighted the sample TCL code for the processes such as,

  • Node configuration

$ns node-config -adhocRouting $val(rp) \

                   -llType $val(ll) \

                   -macType $val(mac) \

                   -antType $val(ant) \

                   -propType $val(prop) \

                   -phyType $val(netif) \

                   -channelType $val(chan) \

                   -topoInstance $topo

  • Node creation

      for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn) } { incr i } {

            set node_($i) [$ns node]    


        If you guys face any difficulties, then you people can feel free to contact us and our research professionals will clarify all your issues!!!