OMNeT++ Code

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Network Code in OMNeT++

       In general, the network code is used to be stored in .ned file extension and the below mentioned code is functional to construct the network.

network Lan80211



        int numHosts;

        **.mgmt.numChannels = 2;


        host[numHosts]: WirelessHost {


            wlan[*].mgmtType = “Ieee80211MgmtSTASimplified”;


        ap: AccessPoint {


            wlan[*].mgmtType = “Ieee80211MgmtAPSimplified”;


        radioMedium: Ieee80211ScalarRadioMedium {



        configurator: IPv4NetworkConfigurator {

            config = xml(“<config><interface hosts=’*’ address=’145.236.x.x’ netmask=’’/></config>”);




Network Code in OMNeT++

Configuration Code in OMNeT++

          Additionally, the code based on OMNeT++ is stored in .ini file extension and that is deployed to configure the simulation based on OMNeT++.

**.host[*].mobilityType = “MassMobility”

**.host[*].mobility.changeInterval = truncnormal(2ms, 0.5ms)

**.host[*].mobility.changeAngleBy = normal(0deg, 30deg)

**.host[*].mobility.speed = truncnormal(20mps, 8mps)

**.host[*].mobility.updateInterval = 100ms

Configuration Code in OMNeT++

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