Research Topics in Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a network that contains many sensors, actuators, and devices to sense the environment. In the Research Topics in Wireless Sensor Network, you can find complete support for research in a wireless sensor network. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are advantageous in smart systems. WSN finds huge applications from local to wide area networks. Actuators and sensors used in the system provide greater accuracy in functioning. Establishing a secured connection while protecting privacy is a serious concern in WSN. Below is an overall picture of Wireless Sensor Network.

Important Components in WSN

The major components in wireless network sensors are

  • Controller which controls the ultimate functioning of the network
  • Transceiver helps in transmission and reception of data
  • External memory helps in storage 
  • Power source supplies the required power for the network 

Using current technological advancements in these components of WSN requires specialization in the field. We have 12 years of experience in guiding research projects in Wireless Sensor Networks. We offer the most trusted online / offline research guidance in the world. So you can approach us for any support regarding Research Topics in Wireless Sensor Network. Below are certain details about energy efficiency in WSN which you need to know for your research.

PhD Research Topics in Wireless sensor network

How to design an energy-efficient architecture in WSN?

Energy consumed by sensors and other components in the WSN framework is necessary to the following aspects for the design of energy efficiency in WSN architecture

  • The application layer is responsible for controlling power-aware mode. 
  • Transport layer concerned with Quality related issues. 
  • Network layer with efficient single hop or multihop routing  
  • Datalink layer for control of data transmission and sleep
  • The physical layer provides hardware that consumes less power. 

Research scholars if you need to have a deep knowledge on these to be successful in their research. We provide you with massive resources, required practical explanations, and a team of well-qualified engineers to support you in all aspects of your research. Here we provide you with some research ideas in WSN so that you get a picture of current trends.

Research ideas in WSN

The following are the most trending research ideas in WSN.

  • Routing based on Anycast Cluster 
  • Preventing and detecting network attack
  • Scheduling of data traffic 
  • Recluster and cluster of data
  • Construction of network
  • Scheduling the sleep and wake up
  • Aggregation of data
  • Efficient energy Routing 
  • Control of Dynamic Topology 

You can choose to do your research in any of these areas or you can also come up with your own ideas. We will help you with system devvelopment using omnet++ network simulation tool. To devise novel methods in WSN you need to know the research challenges in WSN.

Research Challenges in WSN

The following are the few challenges that you can opt to rectify by your research in WSN

  • Concerns on the privacy of the users and security 
  • Sensors that are widely distributed 
  • Less support on mobility 
  • Limited resources on motes
  • Corruption of data in wireless communication
  • Consumption of more energy leading to sensor holes
  • Reaction, measurability, and authenticity 

If you want to choose a research topic, contact our Research Topics in Wireless Sensor Network. We provide 24×7 customer support. So you can feel free to call us at any time. Below is the performance metrics based on which the standard of the WSN system is studied.

QoS metrics in WSN

Quality of service, Accuracy, Efficiency and Security in data delivery through WSN depends on the protocol for Routing. The performance metrics identified in simulation and experimentation are given below. 

  • Alive nodes (%)
  • Energy Losses at Startup
  • A lifetime of the network 
  • Mean Latency 
  • Sum of energy lost 
  • Quantity of information at BS
  • Throughput 
  • Packet Loss Rate 
  • End-to-End Delay 

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