An optimized adaptive streaming framework for interactive immersive video experiences

This paper describes how optimized streaming strategies, based on MPEG-DASH, can be employed to power a new generation of interactive applications based on immersive video. The latter encompasses ultra-high-resolution, omni-directional and panoramic video. The goal is to deliver experiences that are made up of multiple videos of short duration, which can be joined at run-time in an order defined through user interactions. Applications of the technology are widespread, ranging from virtual walk through to interactive storytelling, the former of which will be featured in detail.

The main technological challenges tackled in this paper are to deliver these experiences in a seamless fashion, at the highest quality level allowed by network conditions and on a wide range of platforms, including the Web. Besides these, the paper focuses on the two-tier software architecture of the proposed framework, as well as a short evaluation to substantiate the validity of the proposed solutions.