Demonstration of OpenFlow-Controlled Network Orchestration for Adaptive SVC Video Manycast

Software defined networking (SDN) makes networks programmable and application-aware by decoupling network control and management (NC&M) from data forwarding and leveraging centralized NC&M to facilitate user-customized routing and switching. Inspired by these, this paper investigates how to realize the Open Flow-controlled (OF-controlled) network orchestration that can facilitate efficient scalable video coding (SVC) streaming to heterogeneous clients. Specifically, we consider real-time SVC streaming and address the situation in which video sources reside in geographically- distributed servers and clients can join and leave the streaming services dynamically. We formulate this as a multi-source multi-destination many cast problem and realize the networking system with an OF-controlled SDN architecture.

We first design the OF controller to enable efficient network operations. Then, we focus on solving the multi-source multi-destination SVC video many cast problem and design several algorithms. Initially, an integer linear programming (ILP) model is formulated to obtain the optimal solutions for small-scale problems. Next, we try to make the many cast algorithm suitable for practical implementation, and design two time-efficient heuristics. Simulation results indicate that the heuristics can provide close-to-optimal solutions. Finally, we build an OF network test bed that consists of OF switches, SVC video servers and clients, and perform SVC streaming experiments to demonstrate our design. Experimental results verify that the proposed scheme can allocate bandwidth intelligently and ensure high-quality video streaming. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work that accomplishes experimental demonstration of OF-controlled network orchestration for adaptive SVC video many cast.