Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) interconnect the multiple wireless networks and technologies into one. Dissertation topics on Heterogeneous Networks are aimed to provide a platform for exchanging ideas in new emerging trends that needs more focus & exposure. Let’s take a look at HetNets as follows.

What is HetNets?

Generally, heterogeneous is the features of different elements. HetNets contains a mix of high-power macro cells and low power macro nodes, for example, Pico and Femto cells. Considering this, the name itself says that the devices opt with dissimilar protocols, standards, and others. Let us discuss the types of HetNets below.

Types of HetNets

HetNets at the hardware level is a combination of Ethernet and Token Ring local area networks (LANs) connected with a Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) support. It generally has two types,

  • Unplanned integration of various networks like 802.15.4 and 802.11 has the probability of occurring interference.
  • Planned integration of diverse networks like 5G with B5G.

Small cell in HetNet

           Small cells are mainly added to increase the volume in hot spots with high user requirements and to fill the gaps created by the macro network indoors / outdoors. It is also called femtocells. A small cell network consists of a series of small low-powered antennas sometimes called nodes that provide coverage and capacity in a similar way to a tower, with a few important distinctions. The HetNets consists of a number of cells as follows,

  • Macro cell
  • Micro cell
  • Femto cell
  • Pico cell

The above-mentioned is all about the significance of the small cell. Let us give you the technical challenges in HetNets such as interference, that takes place in terms of cross-tier or co-tier in the network. In any event, self-interference also happens. On the other hand, the multiple access, the dynamic device is also issuing in it.

Top 10 Interesting Heterogeneous Networks Dissertation Topics

Research challenges in HetNets

  • Access Control Methods
  • Self-Organization
  • Interference
  • Mobility Management
  • Backhauling

At this instant, the 5G offers high data rates for small cells. Nowadays, D2D & M2M are aid with the use of MTC. It acquaints to use multiple input and multiple outputs. Henceforth, it connects massive users and is achieved with high throughput. Here we have enlisted the notable communication technologies in HetNets.

Communication Technologies in HetNets

  • WiMAX
  • 5G Network and B5G
  • WiFi (Ex. IEEE 802.11ax)

Above, we have discussed the notable communication technologies in HetNets. The dissertation topics on heterogeneous networks provide support for both dense as well as ultra-dense users. All these ideas are in focus and here are a few ideas from them.  

Research Ideas in HetNets

  • Power Control
  • Network Slicing
  • Resource Sharing
  • Multi-Hop Routing
  • SDN Integration
  • Resource Allocation
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Path Data Transmission
  • Network Topology Management
  • Video Streaming Over Hetnets
  • Optimal Access Point Selection
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Vertical and Horizontal Handover
  • Downlink or Uplink Packet Scheduling

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