Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the subdivision of the Internet of Things. IIoT is also known as the Industrial 4.0, it can work with multiple Wireless and Ad hoc Networks. Dissertation Topics on Industrial Internet of Things is deals with experimental research by using novel components. Industrial 4.0 is based on interconnection, automation, and real-time data. IIoT helps to analyze the real-time data. Now let us discuss the significant process in IIoT.

How do IIoT works?

IIoT is based on the intelligent device network connected to form the system, it helps to collect, monitor interchange, and analyze data. Every Industrial IoT ecosystem consists of the following requirements,

  • Intelligent IIoT Devices can Sense, Communicate & Store Information about themselves
  • Applications that Generate Smart Industry Information from Raw Data
  • Infrastructure Public or Private Data Communications

For the abovementioned, data communications in infrastructure (public/private), we can prefer to use Intelligent Edge devices, which help to transmit information directly to end-users or server.

Top 10 Dissertation Topics on Internet of Things

Research Topics in Industrial 4.0

Industry 4.0 intersects IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology), to create a cyber-physical environment. Let us discuss the significant research topics based on the Industrial Internet of Things,

  • Quality, Safety and Manufacturing Control
  • SCADA for Distributed Control Automation
  • Hardware and Software Security in Industrial Automation
  • Multivariate PID Model
  • Noise Reduction in Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Predictive Maintenance utilizing AI Techniques

There is a lot of Dissertation Topics on Industrial Internet of Things that are coming up from recently used applications. We will add the above as a sample to show our smart help to uplift your skills level.

The main focus of IIoT is to establish the change in features of the industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 maintains a virtual copy of the physical localities. Industry 4.0 allows the interconnection among the industrial machinery, devices, processes, and the people using them across the wide-ranging industrial verticals such as manufacturing and its logistical supply chain, transportation, and healthcare. Hereby, we have listed down the energetic applications based on the Industrial Internet of Things.

Important Applications in IIoT

  • Oil & Gas Wastage (Fault) Prediction 
  • Energy Management for Air Pollution Monitoring 
  • Driver Behavior Analysis (Smart Car)
  • Smart Supply Chain (Self Organizing and Optimizing)
  • Smart City & Environment (Air Quality Monitoring)
  • Digital Health and Medical Technologies (Healthcare Application) 
  • Smart Power & Utilities (Hard and Soft Power Strategies)
  • Smart Grid & Smart Metering (Two-way Communication)
  • Automatic Manufacturing & Factory
  • Livestock Monitoring & Smart Farming

In general, IIoT is a rich field that shows efficacy in all other fields too. For the most part, we say that we work on the whole from A to Z for your projects. There is a lot of research ideas in the IIoT field but our guide will help to proceed with your research based on Dissertation Topics on the Industrial Internet of Things.

Research Ideas in Next-Generation Industrial IoT

Fog Based IIoT

  • Fog Topology for Scalability
    • Data Synchronization and Analysis
    • Optimal Offload in Edge

Cloud-Based IIoT

  • Distributed Decision Making
    • Multi-keyword Search over Multi-Cloud

Smart Sensors Based IIoT

  • Compressive Sensing and Transmission
    • Monitoring Use cases like Air Pollution
    • Network Security & Privacy 

For instance, we have mentioned above the sensor based on IIoT Network Security. IIoT is used for manufacturing, supply chain monitoring, and management system and it provides the opportunity to utilize the power of smart machines and real-time analysis. Let us discuss IIoT and research topics based on IIoT.

IIoT Security

           IIoT Security is the process of secure work development; it leads to malicious attackers only. But this may be a huge source of traffic, inadequacies in energy use, waste management, and governance among others. Due to all these shortages or challenges, both private and public sectors are ready to invest in smart city technologies.

Although you can find the above information ease, it is hard to choose and find the topics. Thus, we have listed down vital topics based on the Industrial Internet of Things.

Research Dissertation Topics in Industrial Internet of Things

  • Crime Watching & Alerting Systems
  • Monitoring Healthcare Service
  • Urban Computing Security Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Industrial Security
  • Managements for Sewage, Water and Electricity
  • Emergency Management and Infrastructures
  • Industrial Security (Blockchain Technologies & Communication Protocols)
  • Industrial Security (Augmented & Virtual Reality)
  • Smart Applications (Home, City, Building, Consumption, Transportation)
  • Networking, Services and Infrastructures and Reliability
  • Intrusion detection using Artificial Machine Learning

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