Distributed differential admission control algorithm for delay-tolerant machine-to-machine devices

Machine-to-machine (M2M) is a new type of communication which can be used in e-health, smart meters and so on. However a huge number of M2M devices will cause access congestion in third generation long-term evolution systems. It will bring access delays which cannot satisfy the requirements for the M2M deceives, especially for the devices with low tolerant delays. In this study, the authors investigate a distributed differential admission control algorithm that improves the access fairness for M2M devices with different tolerant delays.

To maximise the access fairness while maintaining the throughput, an optimisation model is established by formulating a fairness-throughput payoff function. Then, a parallel and distributed algorithm, namely, Jacobi algorithm, is introduced to solve the optimisation problem. Furthermore, the constraint of the key parameters is given to guarantee that the algorithm can converge to the optimal solution. The simulation results show that the M2Mdevices with different tolerant delays have the maximum access fairness in their own tolerant delays by using the proposed method.