EasyConnect: A Management System for IoT Devices and Its Applications for Interactive Design and Art

Many Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been used in applications for money flow, logistics flow, people flow, interactive art design and so on. To manage these increasing disparate devices and connectivity options, ETSI has specified end-to-end M2M system architecture for IoT applications. Based on this architecture we develop an IoT EasyConnect system to manage IoT devices. In our approach, an IoT device is characterized by its “features” (e.g., temperature, vibration, display, etc.) that are manipulated by the network applications.

If a network application handles the individual device features independently, then we can write a software module for each device feature, and the network application can be simply constructed by including these brick-like device feature modules. Based on the concept of device feature, brick-like software modules can provide simple and efficient mechanism to develop IoT device applications and interactions.