Live Video Forensics: Source Identification in Lossy Wireless Networks

Video source identification is very important in validating video evidence, tracking down video piracy crimes, and regulating individual video sources. With the prevalence of wireless communication, wireless video cameras continue to replace their wired counterparts in security/surveillance systems and tactical networks. However, wirelessly streamed videos usually suffer from blocking and blurring due to inevitable packet loss in wireless transmissions. The existing source identification methods experience significant performance degradation or even fail to work when identifying videos with blocking and blurring.

In this paper, we propose a method that is effective and efficient in identifying such wirelessly streamed videos. In addition, we also propose to incorporate wireless channel signatures and selective frame processing into source identification, which significantly improve the identification speed. We conduct extensive real-world experiments to validate our method. The results show that the source identification accuracy of the proposed scheme largely outperforms the existing methods in the presence of video blocking and blurring. Moreover, our method is able to identify the video source in a near-real-time fashion, which can be used to detect the wireless camera spoofing attack.