Redundancy based WEP routing technology (IoT-WSN)

Nearby future, thing-thing communication form will be the main form along with human-human, and human-thing. To make the things communicate among themselves Internet of Things (IoT) concept is needed. An overview of IoT and why it is going to be formulated will be given. IoT has two attributes and four differential features. The semantic analysis of Internet of things is “the Internet relating to things”, will be discussed. A new concept of energy-efficient routing protocol, Weighted Election Protocol based on Redundancy (R-WEP), in order to enhance the stability period along with network life time of cluster based Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for thing-thing communication will be developed.

This paper focuses specifically on a case-monitoring weighted sensor networks based on the weighted election protocol and the reconfiguration of nodes with the principle redundancy to keep coverage of the area and ensure a long life of the network. Flow chart of the new conceptual routing protocol, R-WEP, and the simulation results will be shown comparing with its basic protocol. An idea for application of IoT which mainly concentrates on power minimization will be discussed.