Generally, the consistent and structural framework of the network is known as the network architecture which includes the software and communication protocols and the arrangements of the data and communication among the network components and transmission types of equipment. We keep updated about innovative research topics in computer networks and security.

In the process of network routing, the defeat of data integrity and speed leads the network towards low transmission. Fundamentally, the enrichment of routing protocols is verified and the authorization of increased network performance.

  • Key Management
  • Cloud-Based Security
  • Key Distribution
  • Steganography

How to design high-performance computer networks?

  • Check over the performance of QoS and network protocol
  • Exploitation of fresh framework in the concern of primary anxiety
  • Latest intentional development of the network management employs based on the structure of the network
  • The network simulation parameters and the suitable implementation of the network is dominant
  • Utilization of recent network architecture such as software-defined networking (SDN)

Following this our research technicians brought some innovative research topics in computer networks and security which are useful to the research students.

Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks and security

Computer Networks Research Topics

  • Network Measurements and Analytics
    • Determination of communication among the network, applications, users, and devices in the real-life
  • Network Systems and Algorithms
    • The utilization and improvement of the network systems and the information of the structure and the protocols
  • Wireless Networks
    • Enlargement of wireless communication and the developmental structure of wireless networks

Now, it’s time to take a glance over the research areas in network and security.

Research Topics in Computer Networks and Security

  • Mobile Networks Energy Management
  • Mobile Cloud Computing Scheduling
  • Security Management in Social Networks
  • Cloud Security, Cryptography, Key Management, and Steganography
  • In Multiple Cloud Environments, Data Replication and Consistency Issues
  • In Mobile Cloud Computing, IDS / IPS, Botnet Detection, Anomaly Prevention and Detection

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