Trust aware routing framework for OLSR protocol to enhance performance of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

The Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) comprising of collection of mobile nodes interconnected by wireless links are widely used in various applications including strategic applications. Thus MANETs constitute a self-organized wireless mobile ad-hoc networks which do not relay on any centralized fixed network infrastructure. Every node can act as router to forward packets between source and destination nodes. The routing security of forwarded data is extremely important in many strategic applications, including military applications.

Due to various types of attacks, the routing security is greatly affected leading to degradation in the performance of MANETs because of presence of malicious nodes among the forwarding nodes. In this paper, a strategy based on trust aware routing has been suggested for Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol. The modified OLSRM protocol using trust aware routing framework has been proposed. The performance of new protocol OLSRM is evaluated for the two types of attacks viz. Black Hole Attack and Self Behavior Attack. The comparison of MANET performance using original OLSR and modified OLSRM protocol has been presented for 1000×400 square meter network area and results are discussed.