4G LTE architectural and functional models of Video Streaming and VoLTE services

User experience about the provisioning of a service over LTE mobile networks has become a crucial aspect for Mobile Network Operators. Monitoring network performances may not be sufficient, because they have to be correlated to the specific service experienced by the user. In order to do this, it is important to model network architecture in relation to the service.

For this reason, in this paper, several LTE functional models have been proposed, for real time services like VoLTE and Video Streaming with MNO’s CDN and OTT, in which the standardized LTE architecture is strictly modeled on the service offered to the user. The main contribution of this research relies on the possibility for the MNO to adopt the 4G architectural LTE Video Streaming and VoLTE network, based on the respectives functional model, to conduct the accurate QoE assessment.