Optimal Beamforming for Video Streaming in Multiantenna Interference Networks via Diffusion Limit

In this paper, we consider queue-aware beamforming control for video streaming applications in multiantenna interference network. Using heavy traffic approach, we derive the diffusion limit for the discrete time queuing system and obtain an ergodic excess beamforming control problem for the diffusion limit system. The ergodic control problem is to minimize the average power costs of the access points subject to the constraints on the playback interruption costs and buffer overflow costs of the mobile users. To deal with the queue coupling challenge, we utilize the weak interference coupling property in the network.

Using the theories of calculus and perturbation techniques, we derive a closed-form approximate priority function of the optimality equation and the associated error bound. Based on this approximation, we propose a low complexity queue-aware beamforming control algorithm, which is asymptotically optimal for sufficiently small cross-channel path gain. Finally, the proposed scheme is compared with various baselines through simulations and it is shown that significant performance gain can be achieved.