A Backbone based multicast routing protocol for route recovery in MANETs

Mobile ad-hoc network is an infrastructure independent and self-organizing network where the mobile nodes are communicated with each other through wireless links. Due to some reasons such as frequent topological changes, packet collisions and bad channels which may cause some link breakages in MANETs. In the existing protocol i.e. Adaptive Dynamic Backbone Multicast RoutingProtocol, if any link or node failure occurs then there is no scope to recover that failure.

In order to avoid these link failures. In this paper we are coming up with a new protocol called Backbone Based MulticastRoute Recovery Protocol to overcome the drawbacks of the existing protocol. This protocol constructs a virtual backbone by using a three step procedure that includes neighbor selection, core selection and core connection processes. The proposed protocol provides more efficiency and robustness and can be easily adopted in any sort of environments like static or dynamic areas. And also reduces the flooding and storage overhead at each core node and other nodes in the network.