A novel multi-path traffic control mechanism in named data networking

Named Data Networking (NDN) as a promising future network architecture has been attracted a lot of attention. In NDN, to keep fairness between flows and avoid congestion, one of the most important issues is the traffic control. Although some works have been done to solve the traffic control problem by controlling the sending/forwarding of Interest, to the best of our knowledge, the cooperation between traffic control and forwarding strategy is largely ignored.

Therefore, to fill this gap, we propose an effective traffic control mechanism named Multi-path Flow Control(MFC) in this paper. Our proposal is the first to combine traffic control with multi-path forwarding strategy. In contrast with other traffic control mechanisms, MFC performs better in supplying different flows with fair service rates, enhancingnetwork throughput and avoiding “Waiting Interest”, which is a unique problem in NDN. Finally, numerical simulation results based on ndnSIM platform are illustrated to show the performance of the proposed scheme.