A Partial Cache for Multimedia Content in Named Data Networking

Named Data Networking (NDN) is a novel transmission framework in future Internet. It is a content-centric network. The content is routed based on its unique name, not IP address in NDN. A NDN node broadcasts an interest packet with the requesting named content to NDN. A NDN node has the requested named content. It will encapsulate requested content into data packets and deliver them back to the requesting NDN node. If intermediate nodes are located on the routing path of requesting/replying named content.

They will also cache the named content for serving the next same requesting from different NDN nodes. However, multimedia content usually are used the streaming fashion to deliver over the Internet. It is an important issue to design a proper caching mechanism of named multimedia to satisfy the features of multimedia streaming. In this paper, we proposed a partial caching mechanism to temporally cache the named streaming content on the intermediate nodes in NDN. It can provide a better streaming service than the originated caching mechanism in NDN.