Application of fuzzy logic for selecting the route in AODV routing protocol for vehicular ad hoc networks

One of the known routing protocols in vehicular ad hoc networks is AODV routing protocol which usually uses the criterion of the minimum number of hops to select the route. According to frequent change of topology and the rapid movement of vehicles in these networks, considering the criterion of the minimum hops in AODV prevents selecting more stable routes and decreases the networkefficiency. The purpose of this paper is to increase the efficiency of AODV routing protocol using fuzzy logic.

Three criteria such as speed, direction and distance of vehicles to destination are used as the inputs of fuzzy system. The result of the fuzzy system can be considered as the probability of selecting route. The proposed protocol has been compared with AODV and FCAR. The evaluation results show that the proposed protocol has a lower average end to end delay than AODV. Packet delivery rate has also increased more than AODV and FCAR.