Decentralized RSU-based real-time path planning for vehicular ad hoc networks

As the number of vehicles increases significantly, traffic congestion has become a major social problem in recent years. Such a situation can be alleviated effectively with the emerging of vehicular ad hocnetwork (VANET)-based real-time path planning systems. However, existing systems face the challenges of poor anti-congestion capability and high complexity. To address the related issues, an road side unit (RSU)-based architecture is proposed in this paper, in which a city is divided into different areas, each with an RSU.

Based on the architecture, a decentralized and hierarchical real-time path planning algorithm is proposed. The path planning problem is formulated from two layers, i.e., area path selection in upper layer and intra-area routing in bottom layer, both of which target to minimize the average travel time. Numerical results show that, our proposed algorithm inherits the anti-congestion capability and owns the advantage of low complexity, as compared with the shortest path algorithm and centralized algorithm.