Extended mobility management and routing protocols for internet-to-VANET multicasting

Emerging ITS applications such as fleet management and point of interest distribution require vehicles to have Internet access. However, allowing vehicles to access to the Internet is particularly challenging due to the special characteristics of the vehicular environment. So far, multicasting approaches have been demonstrated to be effective for supporting group communication in traditional networks. However, such Internet-to-VANET multicast service involves several challenges including efficient multicast mobility management and multicast message delivery.

This paper proposes a scheme that combines the existing multicast mobility management scheme with vehicular networking solutions to achieve Internet-to-VANET multicasting. The proposed scheme aims to: (i) provide multicast mobility management with low control overhead and efficient bandwidth utilization, as well as (ii) extend the service coverage provided by VANET membership management and multicast message deliveryprotocol. Simulation results indicate that our Motion-MAODV scheme improves the performance of both MAODV and traditional flooding dissemination schemes in terms of both packet delivery ratio and end-to-end transmission latency.